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Translator Free is a special program developed by Chicken Systems, Inc. for musicians. That program will help users to analyze banks of sounds of musical instruments, usually in .wav, and help auditing them. It works by translating parameter information from CD-ROM, partition, program, and instrument, converting them into a format suitable for working with any sampler directly.

This program is somehow complicated and needs to be used by professionals having a vast experience in this field.

The Audio Processor is an included tool that can strip audio, adding effects such as fade out, fade in, normalize, crossfade, and invert. It also can combine and split multiple input files. You can batch edit the different parameters of your sounds such as volume, Pan, Amp properties, and filter type using the Bulk Paramater Editor tool. Extensive options are available to control the properties of the many supported emulators such as Akai, EmulatorX, Ensoniq, Roland, Yamaha and many more.

This program is the free version of the 'Translator Pro' program; it only converts sound libraries to demonstrate non-free capabilities, without the ability of saving them, so you should get the 'Translator Pro' program in order to test and benefit from all the capabilities of this program.

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